Sunday, December 27, 2009


just perkongsian pengalaman.. huhu~

the story begins when DZ went to camping,
the night was cold and the wind is blowing,
in our room ACAP is sleeping,
while nik is on the pc dota-ing,
and i was watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S alone, laughing.

and then we got hungry n decided to sahur,
nik is making megi n telur,
i decided to go for chipsmore,
then we heard a sound and we are not sure,
weather it is a mouse or the sound of sewer,
we look out the door and saw an image that is blur,
is he the 주인 or a robber.

nik saw him taking things from our rack,
we thought to go and give him a sack,
but he might have a knife under his sleeve,
when we open the door, he cowardly leaves,
so fast that he leaves the bicycle back,
i and nik followed his track,
hope that we can get our things back.

so we took a walk around the neighborhood,
hoping to see a guy wearing a jumper with hood,
along the road we talked about what to do,
the night was cold.....

after a few minutes we saw the man,
his alone with our stuffs in his hand,
we watch him for a while and made a plan,
he was drunk and things could get out of control,
so we decided to go for the safe roll,
we persuade him and his face as white as doll,
[die cuak time ni]

then i say "형, 그 물건은 다시 주면 우리 경찰을 안 부를거예요",
=[bro, kalau ko pulang balik barang tu kitorg x panggil polis]
he said "몰라",
=[x tahu]
amin's temper starts to boil n nearly punch that guy in the face,
then amin do the talking while i do the phoning,
the guy said that he found our stuff under the lorry,
like we are stupid enough to believe his story,

in the end he gave our stuffs back without any bloodshed,
what a night and i will never forget..

.::THE END::.